“When I contact a therapist, I do that because I need help. If someone has never thought about reaching out, they must not have been feeling desperate enough. 

But when the feeling of despair threatens to close over me, I look for someone that listens, helps me get structure, and unburden myself.

Andreas talks clearly and openly to me — that makes me feel good, as there are enough people that just try to gloss over negative things. He is competent and knows the tools and tricks that help me get in contact with myself. Sometimes he is a little cheeky, and very often, funny. I really appreciate that, as nothing keeps the sick dread away like a good, hearty laugh.

I am afraid that therapist like Andreas, are far and few between, those that are true men themselves and have a heart, the skills and the understanding to guide people back to themselves and others.” 

Kathrin H., Frankfurt/Main


“You are a highly professional, warm-hearted, yet straightforward and goal-orientated therapist with an empathy that speaks to me.”

Marco, Cologne


“Through your suggestions in therapy and patient coaching, I could wean off my antidepressant and decrease two blood pressure-reducing medications. Unbelievable! I am still overwhelmed. Thank you so much.”

Anonymous, Rhein/Main area

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