In 1982, I was born in Kirchen on the river Sieg.  My school-going years were spent in various towns throughout Germany. After graduation and a civil service year, I completed vocational training as a health care manager in Cologne before adding my qualification as therapist for general psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic with 120ECTS to the list.

While studying, I worked at various clinics: Alexianer Köln (Rochus site, day clinic), LVR Klinikum, forensic department in Porz-Westhoven, social psychiatric centre in Rodenkirchen.

Upon the successful completion of my studies, I also started my own part-time business, parallel to my job, in May 2013. I provide therapy to institutions for homeless men on a donation basis.

Due to my personal interests, I volunteer at men’s camps, establish connections in the realm of psychosocial care for men and people that live in crises and times of personal challenges.

Since 11/2022 in education to wilderness- and Survivalcoach.

I live in the vicinity of Frankfurt/Main. Besides sport, music, people, and theology, I am also interested in researching my ancestry and sex. 

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